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An Inside Look

Introducing Nick Evans

"Connection is key; it's not I, it's we.”


Nick founded Roads to Freedom as a CIC in 2022. He saw a need and had a desire to work preventatively with young people to raise awareness and share his experiences to give young people the power of informed choices he feels he never had. 

Nick is in long term recovery from substance misuse and offending behaviour stemming from his youth. From his trauma informed approach, Nick has spent many years working with and supporting adults in addressing a great complexity of needs, mainly focussing on homelessness and addiction. 

Nick's new mission is to provide young people with the opportunity to understand they do have a choice and it can be made with support and unity. 

In his own words:

“I have experience of the care system and being street homeless from age 12, leading to being a dependent injecting drug user by age 15 and prison at 17.

My own experience of early trauma and subsequent recovery have given me a passion to work with and support young people in the prevention of exploitation and to raise awareness of the risks of substance misuse and the impact of associated behaviours.  

I want young people to find ways of ‘coming out of oneself’ and begin to ‘become a part of’."

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